Behind every knitter is a huge pile of yarn

Photo and information submitted by Mimi Zentgraf

For most of Big Canoe’s year long hiatus, the Knit Togethers have been clicking and clacking their needles to pass the time away.

Some meet in person upstairs at the Beach Club (aka, Swim Club) every Wednesday from 2 – 4 pm. Masks and social distancing are observed. Others join in via a Zoom connection.

Along with fashioning yarn into personal items like afghans, sweaters, shawls and more, the knitters also make baby hats and blankets for local hospitals.

Nimble fingers created more than 300 ear savers for Northside Hospital to make mask wearing more comfortable for the medical staff.

If you’re a knitter or want to learn, contact Mimi Zentgraf at She’ll spin you a yarn and welcome you to the club.

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