Ben Halpin Intro & Pace of Play Guidelines


Help us welcome Ben Halpin as he joins our team as an Assistant Golf Professional. Ben began his golf career at Grey Oaks Country Club in Naples, FL. From there he moved up and down the East Coast, working seasonally in Boston, Hilton Head, and Highlands. Recently he served as the Lead Assistant Golf Professional at the National Course of Reynolds Lake Oconee. He has a fantastically charming and approachable personality, is very knowledgeable, and instills a great work ethic. He will be a great fit for the community and we are ecstatic about his arrival. Stop by the Golf Shop next week to say hello!


As you have seen there is a high demand for golf at Big Canoe. The weather has been fantastic and will continue to improve and the tee sheet will be filled from open to close each day. With this high level of play, we are putting forth an extra effort to maintain a consistent pace of play. This is important so that all golfers throughout the day have a pleasurable experience on the course. Below are our 2021 guidelines that our Marshals have adopted, please review and remember to be cordial as they help to promote the policy.

Pace of play Guidelines:

Times were recommended by the GSGA when they rated the golf course and are based off players of all abilities.

18-Holes: 4 hrs. 15 min. (4 hrs. 33 min. for cart path only)
Includes 5 min. at Duffers

9-Holes Choctaw: 2 hrs. 3 min. (2 hrs. 12 min. for cart path only)

9-Holes Cherokee: 2 hrs. 7 min. (2 hrs. 16 min. for cart path only)

Slow groups will be addressed by Marshals in the following way:

  • 1st Warning (verbal cordial warning): “You’re falling a bit behind pace; please do your best to reach the group ahead.”
  • 2nd Warning (warning with support from pace of play matrix): “You are now 9 minutes behind pace; please do your best to improve or you may have to skip a hole to reestablish your correct position.”
  • 3rd Warning: Your pace of play is now ___ behind schedule. Unfortunately, I must ask you to pick up your balls and move forward one hole.”
  • 4th Warning: “Your pace continues to be too slow and you must leave the course. Please pick up your balls and follow me to the Golf Shop. I will arrange for a full refund.”

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