Big Canoe Car Club causes a rumble and roar

Information submitted by Big Canoe Car Club
Photos by Steve Brueck

A parade of rumbles and roars was heard on Route 53 as rows of cars, trucks and anything with four wheels made way from our Big Canoe gates to the four-way stop in Tate. This was the setting for an off-site car show sponsored by the Big Canoe Car Club, a collection of 100+ car buffs strong.

By the way, marble dust sprinkled on 53 from the two marble plants can humble brightly polished vehicles quickly. A little bit of rain can also make that section of road very slippery. To avoid the dust fog, an alternative route to take is riding Cove Road into Jasper and then heading south on 53 to reach Tate. This route, according to Steve Brueck, is six miles longer than the direct route, but saves an hour-plus car washing time. Consider it.

The colorful collection of trucks and buggies in the Tate parking lot caused many heads to turn as drivers tried to catch a glimpse of the spectacular show. Many stopped for a closer look and to share a bit of car chat.

Since the show ran into lunch time, the Sideburners BBQ food truck was on hand to offer fine Southern vittles – barbeque of every kind, stew, ribs, brisket and even South of the Border tacos piled high on plates.

If you missed this really big show, you can catch the next line-up at Big Canoe’s Family Day over the Fourth of July.

Does the heady fragrance of motor oil cause you to swoon? You might consider joining the Car Club. All cars and drivers, every model and size, are invited; all that’s required is a love of the road. To sign on, contact Elaine DeNiro at

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