When in doubt, pedal it out

By Alice Eachus

Here’s a riddle for you…

I have a chain but I’m not a prisoner
I have a frame but I’m not a photo
I have wheels but I’m not a car
I have a saddle but I’m not a horse
I have pedals but I’m not a piano

C’mon, you know – it’s a bike!

But did you know there’s a Cycling Club in Big Canoe? Actually, Big Canoe riders team up with pedal pushers from Bent Tree to conquer the roads and catch the scenery.

A visit to the cyclists’ Facebook page, Big Canoe/Bent Tree Cycling Club, will introduce you to the guys and gals who meet to share the pavement on two wheels.

Along with miles of adventure, club members share ideas about bikes, equipment, hazards and fun road trips to take. Some even work out on Zwift with cycling as the motivator. Cyclists have a sense of humor too. On April Fool’s Day, the Zwift workout included bike racing on Big Wheels – a most humbling experience.

Zwift is unique as it virtually takes cyclists all over the world for work-outs. Ever trying cycling in the Alps? Or is a flat road through a tulip field in Holland more your speed?

In the June Smoke Signals in the Inside the Gates section, we’ll take you on a road trip to introduce you to a few cyclists and their “road-while” experiences. With warmer months ahead, cyclists will have tips about staying cool while hot on the trail as well as shady rides to enjoy.

Get pumped and come hang with our joint community parade of pedal pushers.

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