Big Canoe Company acquired by group that includes long-time Big Canoe Property Owners

Big Canoe Company LLC has announced that it has been purchased by Big Canoe Holdings Group LLC, which is led by managing members who are current and past residents of Big Canoe. Big Canoe Company LLC was previously owned by the Byrne Corporation and Greenwood Development.

Big Canoe Holdings Group LLC, a full-service real estate development firm, includes Mike Zeigler in partnership with Wayne and Eileen Bruce of Wayne Bruce Designs Inc. and Curtis Burkett of Curtis Burkett LLC. Combined, its managing members have been involved in the development, design, construction and real estate of Big Canoe for more than 60 years. They will meet with the Board to discuss the purchase and their immediate plans in the next few days.

“We’re thrilled to have this opportunity to have a hand in Big Canoe’s future while focusing on maintaining the character of this special community,” says Zeigler. “We look forward to soon sharing our development plans with the Big Canoe Property Owners Association.”

In its nearly 50-year history, Big Canoe has always been partially managed by a developer. In 2006, the community obtained greater self-governance when the Big Canoe Company transitioned three of the seven Board seats to the POA. Since then, the POA has held six board seats with the developer retaining one voting member on the Board of Directors.  Since then, the developer has also retained a set of rights in the governance of the POA.  A list of the developer’s rights may be found on the POA website by going to POA > Governing Documents > Covenants and clicking 1) Covenants 1988 2) Covenants Transition 2004 and 3) Covenants 2005.

As a reminder, two of the POA-controlled board seats are up for election this month. There are also eight proposed amendments to the By-Laws designed to streamline the governance of the POA, enlarge the candidate pool and save the association money. For these amendments to pass, two-thirds of all property owners must vote “yes.” Please vote!  Ballots will be arriving at your POA address next week.

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