Traveling? How to receive your POA election ballot to print and submit

The upcoming POA election is too important to miss out on. Along with selecting two members to the Board of Directors, Property Owners are voting on amendments to the By-Laws that will, among other things, save the POA up to $25,000 a year.

Those amendments can pass only if at least two-thirds of all Property Owner voters approve them.

If you are traveling in November or if you want to receive a replacement ballot via email, put in your request to

On receipt of your ballot sent via email, print out, sign, and return your documents. You will receive a pink ballot for a lot with a home or a blue ballot for a lot without a home. You are permitted to send in one ballot for each property you own.

This is not an electronic ballot. You must submit your signed documents by mail, email, or fax. In order to be valid, ballots must:

Be received by the accounting firm of Mauldin & Jenkins by December 1, 2021
Show only one valid POA Lot (Account) Number
Be signed by an Owner of the Lot
Be completed in a manner such that entries are legible

In addition:

Quorum requirements must be met
Owner must be current on their POA account as of the end of October 2021

Completed ballots may be submitted via:

US Mail: Mauldin & Jenkins, 200 Galleria Pkwy SE STE 1700, Atlanta, GA 30339-9545
Email to:
Fax to: (770) 980-4489

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