Big Canoe Dog of the Month

Jane Galvin has been one of the most valuable, dedicated volunteers at Big Canoe Animal Rescue (BCAR). Over the 23 years Jane and her husband Jim have lived in Big Canoe, they’ve been fur-ever parents to seven BCAR dogs.

Presently they’re enjoying the antics of Bridget, a pup that enjoys the good life at the Galvin house. In the Spring of 2017, Bridget was found in the woods off Highway 515 with two of the puppies she had recently birthed. Mom and her pups were taken to Pickens Animal Control and Mom was named Buffy.

The pups were adopted quickly but Bridget languished which is not unusual as puppies are always the first to go. BCAR had a few empty kennels at the time and lucky for Buffy (and the Galvins) Pickens County pulled her to come to BCAR. The Galvins were volunteering for Open House duty at BCAR once a month.

At the November Open House, Buffy was being taken for a stroll and gave Jane and Jim the eye as she headed to the door. She pulled away from the volunteer walker and ran to Jane, jumped in her lap and promptly fell asleep for two hours.

A few weeks earlier, the Galvins had lost their BCAR dog, Lucy. Lucy, a precious beagle, was found at Gibbs Gardens where she was dumped after a diagnosis of canine breast cancer. Lovely Lucy gave the Galvins six wonderful months. Volunteering at the December BCAR Open House, Buffy pulled the same jump-in-your-lap stunt.

After her two-hour nap, Jane placed Buffy back in her kennel. Sweet Buffy stuck her paw out for a touch and gave the most pitiful cry. Then and there Jane decided Lucy was sending a sign to adopt this waif. With dogs, Jane is always looking for a sign as an excuse to bring a dog home.

Jane turned and Jim was standing there with a leash. “She’s coming home with us,” declared this most wonderful man. This feisty corgi/terrier mix didn’t look like a Buffy at all but the name Bridget seemed to fit her perfectly. Jane declares Bridget is one of the best dogs they’ve ever had, which is true of all the Galvin’s BCAR dogs.

If you’re in the market for a dog or cat, Jane insists make BCAR your first stop!

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