Big Canoe Volunteer Fire Department Looking for Additional Volunteers

The Big Canoe Volunteer Fire Department (BCVFD) is starting a new cadre of volunteers who can serve the Big Canoe community without being a certified firefighter. The BCVFD currently has volunteers that are certified as either support firefighters (SFF) or interior firefighters (IFF); however, we need additional volunteers to assist with other non-emergency / non-hazardous Public Safety duties.

Members of the new BCAS will assist the BCVFD with:

Traffic Control and Event Assistance (i.e. July 4, Oktoberfest, Christmas lights and other Playfield events);
Air Transport (securing air ambulance landing zones);
Storm Assistance (tree/debris removal, traffic control, and winter storm shelter support);
Emergency Operations Center Assistance;
Firefighter Support (assisting with hydration stations, etc.);
Community Awareness.

The position will not require extensive training; however, some initial training and continuing education will be required.

We encourage Big Canoe residents who wish to serve their neighbors in the Public Safety arena to consider this alternative path.

Please contact Bob Tropfenbaum at or Kenneth Bechely at of the BCVFD if interested or for additional information.  You also can obtain an application at the Big Canoe Fire Department.

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