Busy signal when dialing the POA? Call AT&T

Phone issues – such as a busy signal when dialing a Big Canoe POA number – are persisting for anyone who has AT&T as their service provider. Since May 25, callers have reported this problem when using the cellular network vs. a Wi-Fi network. Both AT&T and Windstream have been notified of the issue re: dialing POA phone numbers.

“I would just emphasize that anyone with this issue directly contact AT&T support and explain that they had previously been able to successfully call these numbers,” said Justin Bowers, Big Canoe IT Director. “They should provide a list of POA numbers that are now not reachable. Also, it’s best to contact AT&T support via landline, if available, as the support team will likely have them try calling from their cell phone to one of our POA numbers.”

As this is not a POA issue, please directly contact the service provider. AT&T customer support: (800) 331-0500.

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