Cigar Club doesn’t only blow smoke

Information submitted by Bob Mackey and Steve Papke

You know what happens when two guys start chewing cigars around a table? They multiply.

Several years ago a couple of Big Canoe guys started hanging out at the Big Canoe Marina to discuss world events and how to solve the nastiest problems known to man.

We’ll never know if their solutions made it to the World Peace Conference, but they sure brought guys together.

Some of the men loved cigars, but often only smoking treasured stogies at what became known as the Cigar Club. At first some guys stayed away as Havanas weren’t their thing. But before long, guys joined the Marina tables anyway, sometimes even tucking pink or blue bubble gum “ceegars” in their shirt pockets.

Conversation became king as male bonding grew. The gang now meets a couple of times a month, sometimes even venturing off campus to restaurants or manly places.

The Cigar Club is a casual show-up kind of group. All Big Canoe guys are invited. If you’re thinking this club just might be up your cheroot, shoot an email to Bob Mackey at or Steve Papke at and they’ll blow you
some smoke.

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