Visit ‘Made in Big Canoe’ for an exciting shopping spree

By Alice Eachus

It was a glorious spring day for shopping, especially when the wares on display were handcrafted by our very own talented Big Canoe folks.

The second-ever Arts and Crafts Crawl was held in mid-April, a time many residents were celebrating Spring Break and weren’t able to wander the colorful booths. The walkabout at Northgate Station displayed everything from clay and jeweled ornaments adding touches of whimsy for plants to freshly made condiments to accent your home-cooked meals.

If you weren’t able to join the throng of browsers and buyers, don’t fret. Our Big Canoe artisans have a Facebook page called Made in Big Canoe where you can be introduced to our talented, gifted gang as well as connecting with buying opportunities. Many artists and crafters can design something just for you.

Check it out for a delightful selection of gifts, created for little old you or for good friends and family.

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