Cookies for Caregivers has a sweet mission

By Alice Eachus

For the past year or so, everyday Americans have been fighting to save lives as COVID-19 took hold of the nation and caused unbearable suffering and pain. These are true heroes, exhausted heroes, but true. Americans have been leaving porch lights burning, honking horns for hospital workers, ringing bells in remembrance, cheering in streets as ambulances rush by and a dozen other ways to show their support and gratitude. We meet heroes every day. Workers who are deemed essential as they take chances daily to serve fellow Americans— grocery clerks, delivery drivers, restaurant servers, cleaning crews, maintenance workers and so many more who mask up and serve us. Heather Stancil came up with a great idea that shows how much Big Canoers appreciate those who make our lives easier, folks who often go unrecognized and unnoticed. Heather created Big Canoe Cookies for Caregivers and recruited an army of bakers to help the cause. The cookie cutters will identify groups and individuals who serve our community and will present a bag of cookies to each to show appreciation. If you’re interested in joining the sweet team, visit the Big Canoe Cookies for Caregivers Facebook page and learn how you can help. Keep in mind, when baking, a few cookies may crumble. Note: broken cookies have no calories.

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