Could Big Canoe become ‘Green Acres?’

By Alan DeNiro

There’s an initiative sprouting about the possibility of creating a Big Canoe Community Garden with a possible Aquaponics growing system. An announcement on the Neighbor to Neighbor Facebook page brought interest from 112 Big Canoe residents who wanted to know more.

It’s clear Alan has no official authority and doesn’t represent POA or board interests. He’s simply finding owners who might find the idea appealing. 

The plan is to identify parcels of land within the community where a garden might be created and used by individuals to “rent” plots for their gardening needs. 

“There are so many options to create a reputation for Big Canoe as a green and sustainable community for our residents to grow and use their own garden output and, perhaps have Saturday Farmer’s Markets within our own gates,” explained Alan.

Approval would be required when the time comes. For now, Alan and his gang of would be farmers are visiting sites and planning to present a formal proposal within 60 days.  

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