Dedicated POA Employees Celebrate Key Anniversaries This Month

By Colin Bergen

July was a substantial month for some of the staff at Big Canoe. Four employees celebrated major milestone anniversaries. Over the time they’ve been here, they have all exemplified a high standard of service towards our community, and have become part of what makes Big Canoe special. Please let them know how much they’re appreciated!

Pam Chumley, 20 years – Pam is our Senior Gate Attendant and a Public Safety officer. This month, she celebrates her 20th anniversary working at Big Canoe. In those, two decades she has demonstrated a remarkable dedication to her work, says Ernest Hemsley, the Access Control Supervisor for the POA. He explains that Pam has put in 12-hour shifts at our gates for two decades, including on weekends and holidays. She is a skillful multitasker, able to answer telephones, monitor Public Safety radio traffic, remotely control the gates, and more all at once. Both Ernest Hemsley and Ricky Jordan, the director of Public Safety, have praised her and her excellent customer service. “Pamela has always provided exceptional customer service and is one of our go-to personnel for training and new hire orientation,” Ricky says, “Pam’s attention to detail and genuine want-to-help mentality is what makes her special to Big Canoe, and overall, just a special person overall.”

Matt Lockwood, 15 years – Big Canoe is fortunate to have someone like Matt Lockwood as our Financial Controller. “Matt has been an integral employee who has led the accounting office with his mild manner,” says Jayne Hagan, the Director of Finance. He works closely with all the POA department heads to ensure their financials and asset records are accurate.”

Tim Royer, 15 Years – Tim Royer, court groomer at the Racquet Club, is someone who has worked hard behind the scenes arriving as early as 3 a.m. to make sure the tennis and pickleball courts are ready to enjoy. Geoff Hedges, the Head Racquets Professional, says, “this man has lived a wonderful life so far and we are very grateful that he continues to make Big Canoe a better place for every one day in and day out!!”

Jacob VanSant, 10 years – Jacob VanSant, the Public Works Manager, just celebrated a decade of working for the POA. “Jacob’s service to Big Canoe has been invaluable,” says Director of Operations Lydell Mack. “Not only has he created a positive work environment within his department, but he has upgraded the tools and methods to a new level. His experience as a prior business owner and contractor within Big Canoe has translated into efficiencies and modernization of what his team provides for the Property Owners.”

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