Leadership Big Canoe Recruitment is in High Gear for Fall 2022 Program

By Terry Rhodes

Leadership Big Canoe (LBC) kicked off its 18th year with a recruitment “Wine and Cheese Info Session” on Wednesday, July 13.  The LBC Board of Directors, President and Chair, Sue Merrick, hosted 65 Big Canoe property owners at the Big Canoe Clubhouse for a 90 minute “meet and greet”.  The events goal was to share details about LBC and what’s in store for the participants of the upcoming Fall 2022, LBC Class.  

The property owners in attendance were a mix of Big Canoe residents with varied lengths of residency, with less than three years of residency comprising most of the attendees. Many comments were shared on how exciting it was to see so many new residents with a high desire to become involved in the community through LBC. 

The event did not disappoint, as a short informative presentation about LBC was delivered jointly by Merrick and Bob Tropfenbaum, LBC Vice Chair.  As in the past with LBC, the program will commence in September 2022 and run through April 2023.  

One of the highlights of each year’s class is the “behind the scenes tour” of Big Canoe departments that keep our wonderful community operational. As an example, last year’s LBC class was given a pre-opening tour of the Creek 9 course by Lydell Mack. Inside this tour, Lydell went into tremendous detail on the original condition and the impact of the improvements of Creek 9. This is one example of the knowledge transfer LBC provides about the community, and it is always well received by program participants. The evening’s presentation wrapped up with LBC graduates sharing their experience as participants of LBC and the value each gained from the program. 

If you planned to attend the July 13th session but were unable and are still wanting to submit and application for the upcoming Fall LBC class, please reach out to Bob Tropfenbaum BOBTROPFENBAUM@ATT.NET.  Applications are now being accepted and reviewed for the Fall 2022 LBC Class. 

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