Does Your Outdoor Lighting Meet Community Standards?

By Treena Parish

Department Manager AECD

This time of year, it is not uncommon for me to get calls regarding a random light being left on all night or a light that shines very brightly and disturbs neighbors. Please note that all exterior lighting should be turned off when not in use to avoid bothering your immediate neighbors or even those across the valley from you. Below is an excerpt from the Architectural Control Standards that pertains to exterior lighting.

All exterior lighting must be approved by AECD. All lighting proposals must show suitable restraint and concern for the impact on the Big Canoe flora and fauna environment as well as neighboring properties. Lighting of adjacent or common property is prohibited. Entry, garage, deck, and terrace areas may be illuminated under the following conditions.
Exterior lighting must be fully shielded or directed shielding. “Fully shielded” means outdoor light fixtures shielded or constructed so that light rays emitted by the fixture are projected below the horizontal plane. “Directed shielding” means shielding by design or external application that directs light downward and limits direct line of sight of a fixtures lamp.
Fixtures are lit by bulbs not greater than 525 lumens each as recommended by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) and the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA).
Post lighting fixtures shall be a maximum of 250 lumens each.
All outdoor lighting shall be “white light,” defined as a color temperature between 2700-3100K (Kelvins).
No colored bulbs are allowed, even for seasonal decorations.

Neither Up Lighting nor Moon Lighting is permitted
Classic residential “corner floodlights” are not acceptable except for emergency lighting. Emergency lighting may exceed the lumen maximums provided the lighting extinguishes within 30 minutes of activation or secession of an emergency condition.
Driveway/pathway/entry fixtures shall be only brass, brown, black, or gray powder coated aluminum.
Landscape lighting fixtures may be dark green.

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