Duffer’s wears new look for 2021

By Alice Eachus

Our little bistro behind the golf cart barn is shining bright these days. January brought a month of changes to wining and dining in Big Canoe, even at our stand-up-only snack shack.
New paint, new counters and new decorations brought a touch of spiff to Duffer’s. Along with the new look, a new menu is being designed to make everybody’s mouth happy.

Looking for a snack or two? New snack racks at Duffer’s offer a wide selection. (Photo by Tim Moran)

While the pictures on the wall show golfers at play, Duffer’s isn’t only for those who follow the little white ball. Everybody is welcome to grab a bite of breakfast, lunch or pick up a sack of sandwiches to take home. Yes, Duffer’s offers breakfast from 8 a.m. on. Fuel your day with bacon, eggs, wraps or a big fat muffin.
Lunch choices are many, including warming soups to savor. Snacks are on the racks too, so nobody will go hungry any time of day.
Duffer’s is open from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. seven days a week. To place a
take-away order, call 706-268-3273. Make sure to call in your order before the four o’clock bell chimes and the grill closes.

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