Eagles soar despite misfortune

By Alice Eachus
Photo by Steve Hopper

Hope springs eternal for the American Eagle couple in residence on Eagle Island in the middle of
Lake Petit.

With the nasty storm in late March, their carefully built nest was destroyed along with their
carefully tended eggs. Maybe the eaglets had arrived, we just don’t know for sure, but fierce
wind and rain were too much for them to survive.

Since American Eagles return to the same nesting place year after year, our mom and dad
already started building their nest to prepare for 2022. With their strong beaks and grabby claws,
branches of every size and sort were chosen by the eagles to fortify the large home of wood they
so meticulously create.

Come next winter, the eagles will set up housekeeping once again and hopefully collect a brood
for a nursery we love to watch.

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