Ever wish you had a metal detector?

Photos by Tom Durban

Even lakes sometimes have problems as was the case at Lake Disharoon, otherwise known as Big Canoe’s Beach Club.

A lonely lifeguard’s chair sits empty with nobody to rescue.

As reported by General Manager Scott Auer, “the project to remove the rotted swimming-platform wood pilings and conduct an inspection of the Disharoon Lake drainage system has discovered a leak. Work crews are now busy constructing a temporary dike that diverts Disharoon Creek and allows the drain system to be inspected and repaired.

“There are no safety risks to Property Owners, but efforts to swiftly resolve the issue are complicated by the now exposed Disharoon Lake bed. Thick with several feet of gooey silt, this knee-high pudding-like layer of sediment makes the lake bottom impassable by either foot or vehicle.”

Who knew a lake could spring a leak, but they do. Work is being done daily to fix the problem so summertime swimming will happen.

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