Getting to know Patricia Stimmel

Interviewed by Alice Eachus

Many in Big Canoe know Patricia Stimmel as the proud owner of a Plummer cabin, a unique architectural design popular here when Big Canoe was new. Patricia loves her home so much she started a club for the 115 Plummer homeowners in Big Canoe. That’s a passion! Patricia grew up in Meadville, Pennsylvania, the third of five kids. One thing for sure, the family always had meat on the table as her father was a butcher and her mom tended to the household. Allegheny College influenced the quiet life in Meadville. Patricia loved her small town, especially walking to school in the long snowy winters. She finds the four seasons in Big Canoe are much like the ones she enjoyed as a girl, and they remind her of the leisurely lifestyle of Meadville. Patricia’s job history includes a wide range of interests. She’s worked at the FAA, IBM, Coca Cola and even was a boutique manager. Now let’s learn what makes Patricia Stimmel one of a kind.
1. What was your first job? Carhop in high school.
2. What was your favorite elementary school lunch? Hmm, nothing memorable.
3. What three people (living or not) would you invite for dinner and why? Alex Trebek because he’s smart and a gentleman; Paul Lynde because he’s so darn funny; Mother Teresa because she’s spiritual.
4. What makes you giggle like a schoolgirl? Being with my sister and daughters and the funny stuff that happens to us.
5. What’s surprised you about yourself since age 21? I could accomplish anything I put my mind to.
6. What pranks did you pull as a kid? None! Large family and strict parents.
7. What was your favorite birthday gift ever? My first iPhone.
8. Who would play you in a movie about your life? Diane Keaton.
9. What advice would you give to an 8-year old child? Dream about your future, reach for the stars, be honorable.
10. If you had to pick a favorite dinner, what would it include? Beef Wellington, asparagus and tiramisu.
11. What do you think is your finest accomplishment? Raising my two daughters.
12. What did you spend most time doing as a kid (not being in school)? Playing tennis and painting by numbers.
13. What’s your favorite piece of clothing or jewelry and why? Pearls –earrings, bracelet and ring. The best!
14. What one phrase would you say best describes you? Positive attitude.
15. Are you a morning or night person? Both.
16. What chore do you hate doing? Ha! I don’t do what I don’t like!
17. What surprises you about people? Learning who they are versus who I thought they were.
18. What is your favorite vacation? The beach.
19. What makes you really angry? Deception.
20. What motivates you to work hard? Having the right attitude works wonders.

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