Good Times for the Big Canoe Women’s Golf Association

By Jocelyn Smith

The good times continue for the BCWGA ladies who continue to endure the summer heat to spend time having fun playing golf with old friends while making new ones.

In July, the BCWGA hosted many of the Learning Ladies totaling nine foursomes for a scramble followed by kinship and fun afterwards to celebrate everyone who participated. First place winners included: Shelly Day, Heidi McClain, Beth Carlson and Michele Mellgren. Coming in second was the team of KC Susko, Jocelyn Smith, Carole Weems and Carolyn Witt following in third by Sherry Pledger, Colleen Adams, Denise Koehl and Elise McBryde. Finally, fourth place went to Rhonda Turner, Renee Flanagan, Kay Herndon and Lyn Cates. A special shout out to the closest to the pin winners Cheryl Jones #4 and Delaine Faris on #6. Thanks to the Learning Ladies fearless leader and instructor Joan Delk, the true spirit of the day was captured in some great images.

Additional events and winners in July were as follows:

Red, White & Blue

Flight 1 – Red (Lura Wright) & White (Lyn Cates) & Blue (tie – Lura Wright, Michele Mellgren & Lyn Cates)

Flight 2 – Red (Heidi McClain) & White (Christine Flaherty) & Blue (tie – Christine Flaherty & Heidi McClain)

Flight 3 – Red (TyAnne Schmidt) & White (Barbara Goodman) & Blue (Carolyn Witt)

Four Clubs and a Putter 

Flight 1 – Three-way tie for first (Donna Brown, Debbie Howell and Lura Wright – +2)

Flight 2 – First (Lyn Cates – +1), Second (Christine Flaherty – +3), Third (Heidi McClain – +4)

Flight 3 – First (Cheryl Jones – even), Second (Barbara Goodman – +1), Third (Lori Baldwin – +2)

Left to Right: Nancy Findley and Wendy King, the Member-Member Flight 2 First Place winners. Flight 2 Member-Member winners,

August Play Day events included: Nine, Sip & Snack Partee and a Step Aside Scramble. In addition, the winners of the 2022 Member-Member Tournament were as follows:

Flight 1 – First (McBryde/Howell), Second (Ciliberto/Cates), and Third play-off winners (McClain/Mellgren).

Flight 2 – First (King/Finlay), second (Waters/Yolinsky), Third (Smith/Luzier).

Closest to the pin on number two hole (Mary Yolinsky).

Other fun play day events later in the month were Mutt & Jeff and Cha, Cha, Cha.

Rescheduled events include Aces & Graces for September 21 and BCWGA & Bent Tree Scramble on September 29. Look for information soon for the September overnight event at Lake Lanier.

The final year-end schedule includes the following:


Sadie Hawkins Tournament

Scramble with the Learning Ladies


True or False


Hate ‘Em

Charity Event

BCWGA Championship

Nine, Sip & Snack Partee


There is still time to join the “funnest” ladies golf group at Big Canoe and we welcome new members all year long to come out and play with us!

The BCWGA is a golfing organization with a 40+ year history. The group is open to any woman, aged 21 and over, who is either a property owner or a golf amenity member in good standing at Big Canoe. Members are afforded the opportunity to play nine or eighteen holes of golf in a relaxed atmosphere while having fun and simultaneously working to improve their skill set and handicap. The establishment of a USGA handicap is required of all members.

Activities and events are designed to promote a better understanding of the rules of golf and to improve pace of play. Members work together to boost confidence on the course and encourage socialization with other women of similar skills. Integrity, respect for each other as well as the game of golf, and a firm sense of fellowship are key principles of the BCWGA.

We also would like invite anyone interested in taking advantage of the best value to learn how to play golf at Big Canoe by signing up for Learning Ladies lessons with Joan Delk, one of Big Canoe’s professional golf instructors. You can also reach out to Cindy Metzler and TyAnne Schmidt, BCWGA Liaisons to the Learning Ladies.

Ladies of all levels of play are welcome to share the spirit and warmth that exemplifies BCWGA – “Ladies who just want to have fun playing golf.” For up-to-date information, please visit our website regularly,

New members are always welcome, no matter their skill level. The contacts for the group are Carolyn Witt (, BCWGA President, Elise McBryde (, BCWGA Vice President and Christine Flaherty (, BCWGA Treasurer.

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