Help ensure wildlife safety along Lake Petit Dam

We all cherish the wildlife that lives in Big Canoe. It’s one of the primary reasons we moved here in the first place.

However, accidents do happen when thousands of residents come and go on the 88 miles of roads that are inside the gates. And while it’s unclear whether it was a speeding motorist who was responsible the death of a baby goose, as was reported last week, many drivers on the dam are distracted as they gaze over the pristine waters of Lake Petit in an attempt to spot one of our bald eagles.

In case it was because of a fast-moving automobile, Public Safety on Tuesday on Tuesday, May 10, relocated the traffic-control trailer back to the dam to both deter speeding and to use Lidar technology that documents violations and provides the data for issuing citations.

While it would seem that speed bumps might deter speeding, Public Safety has voiced great concerns about the wear and tear they cause on the suspension systems of our emergency equipment while also delaying their response time to urgent medical calls.

We are adopting these measures to ensure that all of our furry and feathered friends stay safe.

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