What you need to know if you rent out your Big Canoe home

By Treena Parish
AECD Manager

To rent or not to rent – that is the question.

The subject of renting out a home in Big Canoe has become a much-talked-about topic since both the recent Property Owner Satisfaction Survey and the One-Question Poll both determined that about 70 percent of residents participating in the questionnaires were in favor of a rental cap.

The findings have prompted many questions, which typically come to the Architectural and Environmental Control Department office. Below are some of the common queries received by the AECD about the subject.

Q: Can I rent out my house in Big Canoe?
A: Yes, but there is a process that requires you start by registering the property with the AECD.

Q: How do I register my house?
A: Contact Treena Parish at tparish@bigcanoepoa.org

Q: Is there a rental cap on the percentage of homes in Big Canoe that can be put on the market?
A: No, not currently.

Q: How much does it cost out of my home?
A: $25 annually through Dec. 31, 2022; plus, any charges from Pickens or Dawson counties.

Q: Where can I get the form to register to rent?
A: Contact Treena Parish at tparish@bigcanoe.org

Q: What are the restrictions?
A: See section A.14 in the Big Canoe Rules and Regulations at https://tinyurl.com/y9mjxffh

Q: Are there plans for a rental cap to go into effect?
A: This is being reviewed by the POA Board.

Q: Can I rent out my home for short-term rentals?
A: Yes. “Short-term” by definition is less than 30 days.

Q: What about long-term rentals?
A: Yes, and Public Safety requires a copy of the lease.

Q: Can I rent out part of my home?
A: No. Per the covenants, you can only rent out the entire home.

Q: Are there any rules or restrictions for a home in either Pickens or Dawson counties? If so, how do I get that information?
A: For county information, contact the appropriate land-planning office. Pickens County: 706-253-8850; Dawson County: 706-344-3232 and echapman@dawsoncounty.org

Q: Am I liable for any violations by a tenant or guest?
A: Yes. You are responsible for the actions of your guests as it pertains to the Rules and Regulations. This includes but is not limited to violations concerning exterior lighting, noise and outdoor fires, and leaving out trash that might attract wildlife. Please be aware that these violations can subject you to a fine.

Q: What is the maximum number of people who can stay in a rental?
A: Two people per permitted bedroom in the home, plus two additional individuals, are permitted to those renting.

Q: What about the maximum number of vehicles allowed?
A: Cars must fit in the driveway. No street parking is allowed in Big Canoe, per Rules and Regulations.

Q: Can renters call in a personal guest by contacting Public Safety.
A: No. Tenants must share their guest list with the owner or manager of the property before they arrive on the property.


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