Hikers met Bear Hair Gap Trail and are still smiling

Information submitted by Big Canoe Hiking Club

It was a gorgeous day for a hike in the woods, even when staying socially distanced and masked. Raccoons scampering on the trail must have wondered if humans were stealing their signature identities. 

On a crisp September morn, the Hiking Club met at Wildcat Pavilion for a road trip to Vogel State Park. Once there, the hikers met a moderate to strenuous stroll on the Bear Hair Gap Trail of approximately 4.4 miles with the first 1.25 miles uphill with an elevation gain of 1,000 feet. Best to get the hard part over first.

At the highest point, there’s an elevation of 3,280 feet offering a nice view of Lake Trahlyta. Hikers enjoyed forests of laurel and rhododendron as they crossed Wolf Creek several times.

The group had an enjoyable picnic after taming the trail as all brought sack lunches. 

Each month the club offers a hike, some difficult, some not. If you’re interested in joining this band of foot soldiers, contact Laura Smith at lauramcsmith@gmail.com or (706) 579-3342.

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