How to Deal Freezing Weather in Big Canoe

Weather services are forecasting extremely cold weather this weekend, with the forecast for low temperatures in the single digits. With the risk of ice forming on Big Canoe roads as early as Friday morning, Public Works crews are brining our streets and Public Safety is recommending drivers stay off the roads this weekend as much as possible.

Public Safety will monitor updated weather forecasts to determine if the hours of operation for the amenities or the Clubhouse need to be revised for the weekend. A final decision will be made by Thursday.

To help prepare for the freeze at home, Ricky Jordan, director of Public Safety, has provided us with these helpful tips:

Gather supplies before the weather hits. Have a 72-hour supply of food and water stocked in your home, but a week’s supply is recommended. Make sure to have your prescriptions filled as well as a good supply of over-the-counter meds and first-aid provisions.
Protect your pipes from freezing by allowing them to drip continuously until the weather warms up.
Backup power and heat are recommended. This could mean a backup generator or alternative heat source, such as a fireplace, that can be used if the power fails.
If you have a wood fireplace, stock up on wood as soon as possible. You should also familiarize yourself with Ricky’s tips on fireplace safety.
If you use a space heater, be sure to keep it at least three feet away from furniture and drapes. Electric space heaters with automatic shut-off switches and non-glowing elements are the safest.
In the event of a power outage, please call Amicalola Power at 706-253-0359.
Have multiple flashlights ready, which you should also test out. If you use candlelight, watch the flame carefully to avoid a surprise fire.
Avoid traveling as much as possible, even when roads appear clear. Black ice, especially on our hills, is a nearly invisible and highly dangerous hazard. In fact, it’s best just to plan to stay indoors much of the weekend if the conditions remain as cold as projected.
If you see Public Safety vehicles traveling with ease, it’s likely because we have installed heavy-duty tire chains or are in a track-equipped vehicle. Do not try to follow a Public Safety vehicle unless you are told to do so.
Consider stocking up on foods that do not require cooking.
Be sure to have a manual can opener on hand.
If you must travel, a good idea is to have a cellphone charger that you keep fully charged, boots for cold and wet weather, snacks, food, water and blankets in your vehicle in case you become stranded.
When driving through Big Canoe, be aware that our rapid changes in elevation mean that some areas in Big Canoe are colder than others. While it may be raining at the North Gate, it could be snowing on Cox Mountain Drive.
If you are stranded in our community, try to find a nearby home to stay in while you wait for help. Public Safety will attempt to access anyone stuck in a bad place, but they can’t guarantee a quick arrival if the conditions are an issue.
Please be patient! Big Canoe has a large fleet of road-clearing equipment to make roads passable as quickly as possible; however, due to our elevation and temperatures, if the roads are plowed and cleared too soon, an icy film will freeze, resulting in black ice.
If you spot a water leak, regardless of whether it’s the result of pipes breaking because of freezing weather, call the Utilities Inc. of Georgia call center at 706-268-3400.

For more information, consult Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency for additional winter safety tips.

In case of an emergency, call 911.

To report any downed trees or other public safety issues, contact our Public Safety department at (706) 268-3376.

Remember to also sign up for real-time text updates on the weather along with floods, fires, water emergencies, road closures, missing persons and evacuations for BOTH Dawson and Pickens counties. Click the links below to sign up for alerts.

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