How to Help with Holiday Traffic

By Ernest Hensley

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, unless you get caught in a traffic mess that not even Santa can unravel. Public Safety works very hard to keep things running smoothly for guests, visitors, and residents as they pass through the gates at the busiest time of the year.

Property Owners may rest assured that gate attendants are prepared to handle the expected increase in holiday traffic with courtesy and good customer service. However, at times traffic volume can be overwhelming. When a guest’s name or contractor is not listed in the computer, the gate attendant must deny entry. Consequently, the attendant will request the guest or contractor to exit Big Canoe and contact the Property Owner who would be expecting them. This causes delays and sometimes Grinch-like thoughts. We apologize for any such inconvenience on behalf of the Public Safety Department.

How can Big Canoe residents help holiday traffic flow?

By entering guests’ names, contractor and service contractor company names directly into dwellingLIVE via their computer, cell phone app, or by telephoning Dispatch at (706) 268-3376.
By providing the lot number and the 911 address to their guests and contractors. A nickname assigned to a home is not recognized by the dwellingLIVE database.
By informing guests who are planning to attend special events to arrive early because of the time required to process entry.

Your consideration and cooperation is appreciated. Thank you.

Note: POA Rules as of Dec. 2022 stipulate that when Christmas Day & New Year’s Day are on Sunday, then the previous Saturday is restricted for contractors. This means that this year there will be no construction permitted on Saturday, Dec. 24 and Saturday, Dec. 31.

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