How you make your online payment to the POA is changing

By Justin Bowers
IT Director

To give property owners a better way to pay off their statements with a credit card, the Big Canoe POA has changed the merchant-processing service connected to our website.

The update is designed to make the payment process easier. Among the improvements is the ability to pay your member statements via credit card and to schedule your credit card payments. Note that you will also no longer have to visit a third-party website to submit a credit card payment. Everything will be fully enclosed within the existing ClubPay system that property owners have already been using.

Effective immediately, please discontinue using the manual Plastiq payment method. This payment option will remain available only until Aug. 15.

There have been several challenges with Plastiq since the core elements of the platform were changed earlier this year. These updates caused integration issues with our website. Plastiq provided a workaround by sending a payment link that allowed for a manual way to pay your credit card payment. However, because Plastiq has failed to resolve the issues, the POA decided to change payment methods.

All property owners who pay their statement via ACH bank draft will be affected. In order for the system to accept their payments, property owners must re-enter their bank information to reschedule monthly payments. The reason: the bank account and credit card information is never stored with the Big Canoe POA. Your information is stored in an encrypted format with our merchant processors. Because this information is encrypted, there’s unfortunately no way to migrate it from our previous processor. Unfortunately, that means your information has to be re-entered to use the new system.

To see a video demonstration of how to set this up, go to

All existing scheduled ACH payments for your July statement have been processed as of July 15, 2021, so there is plenty of time before your next bill to re-enter your bank account or credit card information and reschedule your monthly payments. If anyone experiences an issue with submitting your payment information after this change, please contact the Accounting Department at (706) 268-1114 or via email at


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