In-Person Yoga Classes returning to the Wellness Center

Elizabeth Devereux will be returning to the Wellness Center to provide in-person yoga classes starting Monday, July 26.

Full schedule:

Monday 9 am Flow & Glow – WC Studio and 5 pm Flow & Glow – Zoom

Tuesday 4:30 pm Align & Refine – WC Studio

Wednesday 3:45pm Beginners Yoga Series – dates TBA and 5 pm Flow & Glow Yoga – WC Studio

Thursday 9 am Flow & Glow – Zoom

Friday 9am Beach Yoga – on Lake Sconti behind the Canoe Lodge  – information here

The last Saturday of the month Deepening Practices 12 pm – 2 pm – Zoom

Sunday 3 pm Yin – Zoom

No reservation needed. All classes, except Beach Yoga & Beginners Series, are included in the Wellness Center membership. Non-Member drop-ins are welcome. For more information on the classes see the below information.

The guide to yoga at the Wellness Center

 Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is what you learn on the way down.” – Jigar Gor

A guide to get you started practicing yoga:

The 10-session Beginners Yoga Series, Wednesdays, 3:45 – 4:45 PM, is a great starting place for students who are completely new to yoga, coming back after a long absence, injury or illness or folks who just prefer a gentle pace. This systematically progressive 10-week format includes yoga asanas/poses, breathing and relaxation techniques, allowing students to gracefully establish the foundational techniques and mindset for a safe and fulfilling yoga practice. The cost is $60 for Wellness Center Members or non-members or $12/drop-in class.  The series starts anew every 10 weeks. Updates appear in the weekly POA newsletter, Inside The Gates Inside Your Inbox, the Big Canoe Events And Happenings Facebook page, as well as on the POA website.

Align & Refine Tuesdays, 4:30 – 5:30 PM is an ongoing, intermediate level class that reinforces and expands on yogic techniques and is an important stepping stone to the more challenging and intricate Flow & Glow and Hatha classes.

Flow & Glow Mondays, 9-10 AM & 5-6 PM, Wednesdays 5 PM and Thursdays 9 AM is an ongoing, dynamic class that fosters optimal strength, length, balance and aliveness for the intelligently aging body.  Sessions incorporate advanced breathing techniques.

Hatha Fridays 5-6 PM, taught by certified functional fitness and yoga instructor, Karen Dobson, is a fluid movement power yoga class designed to build strength and flexibility. Power is the mantra.

Yin Yoga Sundays, 3-4PM emphasizes passive, static postures, held for longer periods of time, with muscles in a relaxed state. This way, the dense connective tissues in and around the muscles and joints are revitalized, hydrated, somewhat stretched and ultimately strengthened. Yin style practice is a complement to all other yoga and meditation practices. *The last Sunday of every month is free for non-members.

Deepening Practices the last Saturday of every month, 12-2 PM, unless rescheduled for a holiday weekend, includes a segment of Kundalini breathing techniques, a segment of Yin style poses, ending with a guided meditation  A two-hour practice facilitates a deeper sense of release and relaxation. This inner-landscape immersion is the perfect rejuvenating reset from the demands of modern life.

Beach Yoga is an invigoration for body, mind, heart and soul and is held in 4-week segments spring, summer and fall. Pairing yoga with nature can be an incredible experience; the open space invites a connectedness to something much greater, an expansiveness and a freedom that can’t be replicated indoors. A natural, uneven surface like sand enhances the physical benefits of the practice by building the secondary muscles of knees, hips, feet, spine and shoulders and encourages greater focus. Updates appear in the weekly POA newsletter, Inside The Gates Inside Your Inbox, the Big Canoe Events And Happenings Facebook page, as well as the POA website.

All of the yoga classes, except the Beginner’s Yoga Series and Beach Yoga are included in the Wellness Center membership. The drop-in fee for non-member residents is $11, $13 for non-resident guests.

Yoga is an ancient art and science of self-care, a framework for unifying mind-body-heart & soul that reminds us of our inter-connection with all life.

If you need help determining which level is best suited for you or have any other questions, please feel free to call or email Elizabeth  706.579.0414,

Elizabeth Devereux is a certified yoga instructor at the Wellness Center. She has 26 years of training and work in the field of integrative health and has a private holistic coaching practice in Big Canoe specializing in unconscious pattern release and energy realignment for optimal health, joy and vitality. For more information visit:

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