It was a crisp crawl for arts and crafts

Well, at least it wasn’t a day filled with snow and ice. The original date for the first-ever Arts and Crafts Crawl in Big Canoe was rescheduled for a week later because torrents of rain falling from the heavens would surely have put a damper on anything not extremely waterproof, including the fine display of watercolors. 

The newly appointed day dawned bright and sunny, a perfect time for hundreds of browsers and buyers to find treasures for themselves, family, and friends. 

Dozens of vendors displayed their arts and crafts in driveways to keep socially distanced. Monica Burnette, the organizer of the Crawl, created a roster of vendors complete with a driving plan to get from house to house. It was a chatty time for all as visitors learned much about crafting and the incredible abundance of talent here.

If the date change forced you to miss this driveway festival, there is a second chance. If you visit the Made in Big Canoe Facebook page, you’ll find a good selection of buys from our local talent bank. There are opportunities to have personalized arts and crafts made especially to your liking. Just ask.

With the holidays coming soon, buying gifts and decorations locally helps the economy thrive and supports the community. We thank our talented artists and crafters for sharing their gifts with us.

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