Leadership Big Canoe gets around the community

By Ann Lehr

October was a busy month for those involved in Leadership Big Canoe. First, there was a tour of the “Inside Workings of Big Canoe.” This tour is always one of the highlights of the class year. In years past, the class would board a bus to take a tour given by Steve Panetta. Like so many other things, the bus tour had to change due to COVID. This year only three people could ride on the bus at a time. 

Provisions were made to break the class into three days with some riding the bus and some riding in cars. The tour took the class to places like the Big Canoe Fire Station, Golf Maintenance, Public Safety, and The Clubhouse.  

While at the facilities, the class was given a tour and a detailed explanation of the duties and responsibilities of each. This is the same tour new employees receive to better understand how Big Canoe functions and the necessity for all departments to work together to accomplish a great experience for all living and working here. 

The day ended with each class member being presented with a canoe made by Steve Panetta to memorialize the day.

The group again met on October 9 for its regularly scheduled class. Operational components of Big Canoe were discussed by General Manager Scott Auer. The role of the POA and Bobby Jones Links (BJL) was explained. Scott Auer then introduced Robert Sabat of BJL to explain his role and the management of the various amenities at Big Canoe.  

Marketing, real estate markets, and our various amenity memberships were explained. Of course, no operations discussion would be complete without input from Treena Parish who administers Architectural and Environmental Control. 

All class members left a better understanding of the necessity for the various rules and regulations and with a better appreciation for our beautiful community.

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