Just look how they bite!

Article and photos by Tom Durban

Many people believe it’s hard to catch fish in the dog days of summer. No one gave this message to a time-share family during the first week of September. The family of four went fishing on a pontoon boat for three hours and came back with 16 trout. The same family went out two days later and came back with 12 trout. What a catch! 

Other fishing updates at Lake Petit:

  • With cooler weather we will resume stocking the lake with 1,000 pounds of trout each month. The trout are about one pound each when they slide into our lake.
  • Last year we started an experiment stocking small walleye in hopes of starting a healthy population of this delicious fish. Recently Bob Miller caught what we believe to be the first walleye from Lake Petit. The walleyes were about five inches long when stocked and Bob’s catch was a whopping 12 inches. Sounds like they are doing well!
  • If you were around the docks in September, you might have noticed large schools of small bait fish – the sign of a healthy fish ecosystem.
  • A bit of lake trivia…boaters on Lake Petit may notice green metal boxes on the shoreline of Eagle Island. These boxes automatically spit out fish food twice a day and volunteers keep the feeders stocked year-round.

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