They joined feet and prayed

Article by Brent Carroll
Photos by Tom Crawford

There’s little argument that our nation is divided; political vitriol and malice in a time of uncertainty and fear. We see violence in the streets, looting and cities burning. Throw in the  COVID-19 pandemic and a plethora of natural disasters. Is it any wonder pulpits across America have been encouraging parishioners to “… join hands and pray for our land.”

If you took part in the Big Canoe Chapel’s Prayer Walk on September 26, you joined a sizable brigade of prayer warriors, some from different locales, who “joined feet” as it were, and walked nearly two miles along the Wildcat Red Loop in silent prayer for our country, our leaders, our world, and for one another. Dozens of others walked lap after lap around the Playfield path, also in prayer and reflection, seeking healing, unity and revival for our nation.  

Big Canoe resident and Chapel member, Millann Funk organized the Prayer Walk. “It [was] a joyous day and a blessing to be able to walk while praying for our nation with so many others.  The weather was cool and dry, people were grateful for a time to come together. I thank everyone who embraced this [uplifting] time of prayer, using it to seek God’s mercy and healing for our country.”

Led by Big Canoe Chapel Senior Pastor, Len Walker and other organizers, participants were reminded of inspirational Biblical passages including from Chronicles II where it is written that God says, “… if my people will humble themselves and pray and seek my face … I will hear them from heaven … and heal their land.”

The Big Canoe Chapel Prayer Walk coincided with the 2020 Prayer March held at The National Mall, also on September 26 in Washington D.C. Notwithstanding Big Canoe’s Prayer Walk turnout, nearly 55,000 Christians from all across the U.S. attended the event, planned in part by noted evangelist Franklin Graham who later stated online, “Please continue praying at this crucial time in our country’s history.”

The Big Canoe Chapel Prayer Walk is now past. Those September 26 prayer warriors look forward with great hope, trust, and in anticipation to what God will do in our nation. To learn more about Big Canoe Chapel, visit

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