Karen Waters leads $2,700 Public Safety fundraiser for one simple reason: “They saved my husband”

Karen Waters readily reels off the reasons why she’s so eager to show her appreciation for Big Canoe Public Safety.

There was the time when the Public Safety crew had to walk a mile lugging bulky emergency equipment to treat her after she had broken her arm on one of Big Canoe’s hiking trails.

On another occasion, they assisted her into an ambulance when she injured her ribs in a fall.

And there was the time when she called Public Safety because her husband Dick, in excruciating pain from what turned out to be a life-threatening blood clot, required an ambulance ride to get to the hospital.

“They saved my husband,” Karen says. “They’re the ones who helped him into the ambulance. And our doctor told us that if my husband hadn’t gotten to the hospital, he would have died.”

On Tuesday, Jan. 25, Karen was able to express her gratitude with a check for $2725.71 for Big Canoe Public Safety, which she and two fundraising associates Karen Rickards and Karen Steinberg presented to Chief Ricky Jordan at the Fire Station. Also on hand were volunteer firefighters Bob Tropfenbaum and Terry Stewart.

Waters raised the money through the sale of Big Canoe-themed T-shirts that she presold on Facebook and the Big Canoe Artists Club’s Holiday Marketplace in November. She and her friends also collected money in a donation jar at the Artist Club event – which didn’t prove to be especially difficult as so many were quick to show their support for the dedicated Public Safety staff.

“We are very fortunate to have the help that we have here,” Karen says, “and people need to realize that it takes money to do the good work that they do.”

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