Key Racquet Club policy updates

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”

– Henry Ford

A message from Geoff Hedges, Head Racquets Professional:

Fellow Tennis Community,

The Racquet Club is working on modifying some of the systems that we have all been using.  We hope that you will see these adjustments as a way to improve our amenity in Big Canoe. As always, we appreciate your thoughts, ideas and constructive comments. Our goal is to keep moving forward to improve the decades of hard work that have been put into the Big Canoe Racquet Club.

Indoor Court Time:

Most of our players play in a regular group each week.  Each of these regular groups, which will become named “Round Robins”; i.e., “Hedges Round Robin,” will have access to both Indoor courts for a two-hour block of time once each week. This block of time will be designated to you and your group exclusively. By doing this, we hope to reduce the uncertainty of each group around missing court time altogether.
Geoff is in the process of calling the member of each group who typically books the court each day. Please talk within your current group of players to determine who will be responsible for your weekly round robin. We ask that each member who is playing that day be listed on the reservation.
If you have a question regarding your group, please email the Racquet Club at

Additional Indoor Court Play:

All additional Indoor Court reservations will be available for booking as normal. The only change is that you will have one reserved time-slot each week without having to book online yourself.
Court reservations will be made as normal, (1) member can book (1) court up to 7 days in advance.

We appreciate your help and understanding as we move forward in 2022!

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