Leadership Big Canoe Announces its Class of 2022-23

In its 18th consecutive year of serving our community, Leadership Big Canoe (LBC) is excited to introduce its class of 2022-23. The class, comprised of 28 property owners, kicked off a new year with a Wine & Cheese Meet and Greet at the Big Canoe Lodge on Thursday, Sept. 8.

LBC Chair Sue Merrick opened the event with a congratulatory welcome message, a preview of the LBC year to come, along with revisiting the class framework, purpose and class goals.  Each class member then shared a brief introduction of themselves and shared their reasons for choosing to participate in LBC. All participated in an informal icebreaker exercise as part of the evening’s event.

The following day at 9 a.m., Session 1 began with opening remarks by Merrick followed by an hour-long presentation by Big Canoe POA Board President Amy Tropfenbaum. Within the presentation, Tropfenbaum addressed topics such as Community Structure, What is the POA? and What is Big Canoe? as set forth in the governing documents.  Additionally, Tropfenbaum went in-depth on the community’s governing model and What Gives the POA the Right to Govern Big Canoe.  It was an exceptional presentation by a POA President that clearly understands the community and its governing articles of creation, management goals, and its challenges.

Following Amy Tropfenbaum was POA General Manager Scott Auer. Scott’s hour-long presentation delivered an in-depth operational overview and framework of Big Canoe. Auer described how as General Manager, along with his team of department heads, he interfaces with the POA Board to execute on the daily and near-term operational needs of our community. Within Scott’s presentation were overviews of each department and the department head’s direct-report responsibilities. Scott provided the class participants with insight and information on POA-approved budget goals, operational challenges and revenue/expense anticipations for the fiscal year for each department. It was another exceptional presentation by Big Canoe leadership.

Each presentation was followed by a question-and-answer session that added additional context for both the speaker and the class members. Scott Auer, a past LBC graduate, graciously took the time to recognize all the LBC graduates that have held roles on the POA Board, on committee boards and especially those that continually volunteer throughout our community.

Session 1 wrapped up with the Terrell-Rice documentary taking the class through more than a century of history about the beautiful land now called Big Canoe. The documentary covered the early native Americans and continued through the earliest settlers of the area. In addition, it provided context from the days before Big Canoe was founded up through Big Canoe’s earliest conceptual meetings in the late 1960s. The documentary then went into Big Canoe’s development stages, the POA’s creation and transference from the developer to the Big Canoe Property Owners Association. The class closed out the day’s session with a luncheon and spent additional time getting to know their classmates.

Comprising the class of 2022-23, the Leadership Big Canoe Board of Directors is pleased to introduce the following class members: Stephanie Bauer, Fred Beyers, Gary Campbell, Holly Campbell, Cynthia Cornelssen, Jeanette Crawford, Tom Crawford, Delaine Faris, Andrea Fulton, Chuck Fulton, Kathleen Goodwin, Mark Grams, Mickey Greene, Roger Hackler, Tom Halsey,    Jim Harvard, Lynette Howard, Ellen Leverette, Liz Littleton, Barbara Mason, Bill Mason, Michael Mulvihill, Kathy Nieman, Laura Panatera, Sandy Shook, Bryan Starr, Kelly Stubbs and Roger Sulhoff.

Under the leadership of Sue Merrick, LBC is once again off to another great start and class year!

For those not familiar with Leadership Big Canoe, our Mission Statement is “to provide specific education and hands-on training designed to give current and emerging community leaders opportunities to become more knowledgeable about Big Canoe and to enhance their leadership skills required in a volunteer setting.”

Note: The Big Canoe community is filled with many talented people eager to share their time and talents with others. If you are looking to plug in to a volunteer opportunity, please see our online directory to find out how and where to connect with volunteer opportunities inside our gates as well as at large in Dawson and Pickens counties.

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