Make Sure Your Halloween Decor is up to Community Standards

By Treena Parish

Department Manager AECD

October is here, and folks are understandably eager to get into the Halloween spirit. Before you put up that 12-foot skeleton in the yard, please understand that certain types of decorations are not in accordance with the Architectural Control Standards. Below is an excerpt from the standards regarding holiday decoration.

Halloween decorations

Halloween or any seasonal decorations shall consist of live natural materials or artificial materials with a natural appearance. Decorative accessories and trimmings (including seasonal decorations) intended for the enjoyment of the Property Owners shall be positioned so as not to offend the community or the immediate neighbors. All seasonal outdoor decorations are allowed for the applicable holiday period and must be removed within two weeks after the holiday.

Please also take note of the following stipulations

No more than three (3) decorative accessories (in the same visual plane) may be visible from the road.
The maximum allowable height for any decorative accessory is 36″.

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