Let ’em take it away on Bulk Trash Day on April 30

By Gretchen Hudock

The next BULK TRASH DAY is on Saturday, April 30, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Bulk trash is located behind the trash facilities in the Maintenance Department parking lot. Metal and cardboard recycling, household trash and bulk trash in one convenient location.

There will not be a thrift store on the premises for bulk trash day.
Shredding will be on site. See guidelines below.

Shredding Guidelines:

Payment – Cash Only to the shredding company. This is not on the lot charge.

Copy/Standard size box or less of material = $5 per box
Copy/Standard Size box dimensions – 15″ L x 12″ W x 10″H
Any larger sized boxes/bins will be priced accordingly, including trash bags.
Boxes and Bins are returned once being emptied.

Items OK with paper:

Paper Clips
Spiral Notebooks
Rubber Bands

Items that need to be removed prior:

3 Ring Binders
Any trash

Items not accepted:

Pre-shredded Material

No Exceptions:

No Certificate of Destruction will be provided.
Receipts can be provided upon request at event only. No receipts will be provided afterward.
Shredding is done once containers are fully filled.

General Advisement:

If you have items that could possibly be given a new life, please post for FREE on the Big Canoe Online Exchange to keep usable items, for someone, out of the landfill. If you have glass for bulk trash, such as tabletops or shelves, contact Lisa Schnellinger at 706-669-9933. If you have other types of glass, other than wine bottles or food jars, check with her first before putting in the trash.  Take wine bottles and food jars to the Cove Road Recycling Center.
Watch the traffic pattern and signs and please do not block the exit for those leaving the trash facility. Upon entry, you will be directed to either: 1. Trash lane or 2. Shredding only.
You need to show your BC member ID and pay for bulk trash disposal on your lot charge. The fee charged: $5 for cars, $7 for SUVs, and $10 for trucks. There is no charge for your household trash, cardboard, and recycling so drop off either before or after bulk trash.
Items that cannot be dropped off at regular or bulk trash: paints unless totally dried out, hazardous chemicals, fluorescent light bulbs, and tires.

Your help is appreciated.  Questions: trashtogo54@gmail.com


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