Male bonding comes strong at the Cigar Club

By Alice Eachus

Ever try to smoke a cigar while wearing a mask? Bring on the fire extinguishers! When the men of the Cigar Club meet, they do try to social distance while they puff away and they do meet outdoors as an extra precaution. Since winter winds blow strong at their usual Big Canoe Marina meeting place, the gang has been calling the Wildcat Pavilion their clubhouse for now. Come spring, they’ll be back to where the waves roll in.
The Cigar Club meets every other week to solve all the world’s problems and offer solutions to fix everything under the sun. A lot of joking and good-natured jabbing goes on too as the guys of Big Canoe bond.
Casual and friendly, the cigar crowd welcomes all males to join them. No rules, no dues, no agenda, just good conversation.
If you think this gang of guys might be for you, shoot an email to Bob Mackey at to get on the notification roster.
By the way, you don’t have to be a real stogie puffer to join. All men are welcome, even if bubble gum cigars are your preference.

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