Marking the way to explore Big Canoe trails

By Steve Papke

COVID-19 constraints may have kept folks from participating in many activities they once enjoyed, but hiking wasn’t one of them. There’s been a boom in folks getting out and wandering Big Canoe’s trails. That’s a good thing and, hopefully, hikers, strollers and wanderers will continue to commune with nature after the world settles down a bit.

Vic Shannon and Lin Crouse repaired a major root ball area that destroyed part of the Indian Rocks Trail.

A lot has been accomplished by the Trails Committee this past year. Liz Scher-er, our leader, has been busy updating the trail maps and posters and creating a new website. Trails were carefully checked to confirm actual distances. Liz works tireless-ly walking trails and communicating issues. It’s really a big team effort.
All painted blazes have been replaced with attractive metal ones that should last a long time. New signs have been built and painted.
Non-slip has been put down on many bridges for safety’s sake. Steps and railings have been replaced. New cribbings were installed and bog areas were addressed.
The Trails Committee welcomed eight new members and said goodbye to six who moved away. We are up to 42 members.

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