New Equipment and Fun Activities From the Wellness Collaborative

By Christine Flaherty

The Wellness Collaborative is pleased to announce the official opening and orientation session for its outdoor fit stations. The four structures are located near the intersection of the red and blue trails, adjacent to the Wildcat dog park. They are easily accessible to walkers and close to the parking area for the Wildcat trails.

On Tuesday, March 29 at 4:00 p.m. Steve Panetta and his team will offer suggestions on how best to utilize the stations. It is important to note that the stations are designed to offer options for both very easy — and more challenging sessions. They provide a variety of ways to work the upper body and core muscles, as well to improve balance. They are ideally located for pre and/or post-walk stretching. Everyone from the most fit to the—ahem—somewhat less than buff, will find these stations provide a convenient means to improve strength and flexibility.

Golf Specific Exercises. For those of you who would like to shave a few (or several) strokes off your rounds this season, Steve Panetta’s staff will offer some suggestions on how to work the muscles needed to improve your scores. The Big Canoe Women’s Golf Association was a major funder of these fit stations, so it is appropriate that we feature tips specific to ‘fine tuning’ your game. A heart felt thank you to the BCWGA.

In addition, Piedmont Mountainside was a key financial backer of these stations. They continue to be an important contributor in support of many of our health and wellness initiatives here in Big Canoe, for which we continue to be enormously grateful.

We would also like to thank the Big Canoe Woodworkers, lead by Terry Nicholson. They constructed and installed these stations, and we are extremely thankful for all their hard work. Of course, we also want to extend a special thanks to the POA for providing the location and doing the site work to prepare the area for the woodworkers’ efforts.

So join us for some education on exercise. We will have gifts and some snacks and drinks to share. In addition, there will be an opportunity to try the stations under the guidance of the Wellness Center team.  You will surely go away with a better understanding of how to stay healthy and get stronger as you enjoy your time in the outdoors.

Those interested in attending should email

Weekly Walks. The Wellness Collaborative hosts walks on our network of trails three days a week at 9:30 a.m. We vary the locations and walk McDaniel Meadows (Mondays), the Wildcat Pool loop (Wednesdays) and the Wildcat Trails (Fridays). On Fridays we meet at the fit stations allowing walkers to do some pre-walk stretching and/or strength training and balance work. If you are interested in joining these walks — either occasionally — or regularly, just drop an email to I will add your name to our email ‘reminder’ list. We hope to see you soon.

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