POA introduces new policy for groups interested in booking gathering spaces in Big Canoe facilities

Clubs, organizations and committees are an integral part of Big Canoe, whether it’s a medical support group, one of our vibrant social organizations, a gaming club, or an important, volunteer-led committee that is so key to helping our community.

However, with more than 130 recognized groups and numerous others vying for a limited number of gathering spaces, the logistics of coordinating so many groups in a finite number of available spaces is a logistical challenge that will be made tougher when the Chimneys closes for extensive renovations in early 2022.

As a result, the POA is introducing a new booking system and will send recognized clubs, organizations and committees an email questionnaire no later than the week of Nov. 15 to gather information on the group’s size; current meeting location; and preferred time and meeting location for 2022, among other pieces of information. After we have collected responses from these groups and confirmed and scheduled them according to their preferred dates and times, all other non-recognized clubs and organizations will have the opportunity submit an online request to reserve any remaining space. In accordance with an existing POA policy, all clubs and organizations that are not on the recognized list curated by the Programs and Events Committee will be charged a $50 rental fee. At this time, we are not accepting applications for groups looking to be recognized.

POA General Manager Scott Auer has added that any club or organization who berates or verbally abuses a staff member regarding a booking is in violation of the POA’s Rules & Regulations and will be subject to sanctions in accordance with Rule A.2, “Violations of a Serious Nature.”   Our employees are our greatest asset and behavior toward them that is “belligerent, hostile, harassing, threatening, or combative” in nature will not be tolerated.

We appreciate your understanding moving forward and are working hard to accommodate everyone as best we can.

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