POA promptly responds to Georgia Safe Dams request

On May 20, 2021, the Big Canoe POA received an inspection report from Georgia Safe Dams detailing what needed to be addressed regarding Lake Petit Dam.

The POA and the staff of Geosyntec, the engineering firm enlisted to inspect and help maintain our dams, today sent our response which outlines the short and long-term plans for improving the Lake Petit Dam. This response followed several meetings with Georgia Safe Dams (GSD) where Geosyntec presented our four-year master plan detailed in our Town Hall meeting last February.

Near-term projects to be completed in the next six to eight months include: 1) installing a seepage filter in one area of the dam’s slope 2) inspecting and repairing the current spillway and 3) replenishing the upstream slope with riprap, a loose mix of stone used to protect a shoreline from erosion. The POA and Geosyntec will submit design plans to GSD next spring for the replacement of the existing spillway and lower-level outlet structure.

On Saturday, July 17, POA General Manager Scott Auer summarized the work in the biannual Big Canoe Town Hall meeting. To hear Auer discuss the subject in more detail, go to the 49:20 mark of the Town Hall recording on the Big Canoe POA media channel on YouTube.

To ensure everyone is updated on all developments, here is a link to the letter sent by the POA and Geosyntec to Georgia Safe Dams.

If you still have questions after viewing the video or reading the letter, write to askthepoa@bigcanoepoa.org.

As always, we will continue to update the community as work on Lake Petit Dam continues.

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