Prehistoric creatures call Lake Petit home

By Alice Eachus

One thing for sure, Marcia Captan is a patient woman. It took her weeks of paddling around Lake Petit to capture photos of the squad of snapping turtles that find a good life in Big Canoe.
Yep, they have faces only a mother could love and they are huge! This herd of turtles comes with a warning word – snapping. They have powerful jaws you don’t want to meet in or on the water.
Snapping turtles range in size from 8 to 14 inches and weigh around 10 to 35 pounds. Not to scare anybody, but one snapper weighed in at 75 pounds. That’s one big guy!
Snapping turtles do swim in Lake Petit but there haven’t been many, if any, encounters of the worst kind. Just be aware and stay in the designated swimming area of the lake. Unfortunately,
snappers don’t care much about boundaries so take nothing for granted.
These large turtles come close to resembling what once roamed the earth and its seas during the Age of the Dinosaurs. Appreciate how little they evolved and marvel at their ability to survive
and thrive.

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