Purging your closets as winter looms?

At the first hint of fall in the air, do you start purging summer togs from your closet to make room for piles of flannel, plaid and woolies? It’s the time of year when we become energized to welcome cool days and frosty nights. It’s also the time we realize how much our kids have grown and can’t wear the size 6 that was so big last year.

Many adults and kids in neighboring communities don’t have wrap-around coats to ward off winter’s chill. To help everybody stay warm and toasty, the POA is once again sponsoring the One Warm Coat drive.

One Warm Coat provides free coats to people in need and works to create awareness of the vital need for warm coats across the country. It’s a volunteer effort encompassing all 50 states, even the warmer ones, with the overall theme of “No one should go cold.”

One Warm Coat partners with churches, non-profit agencies, community homeowners’ groups and schools to distribute coats for free and without discrimination to children and adults in need.

Big Canoe’s effort to collect gently worn coats, jackets and outerwear will begin December 1. Many will purge closets before then, so you might designate a bedroom chair to hold your donations until they are accepted. What once kept you warm and toasty can do the very same for others.

Details about drop-off points coming soon.

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