Riding Big Canoe roads lookin’ for trouble

By Alice Eachus

On the road again…well, really, on the road again with a mission. Tom Durban is leading a group of volunteers to help Public Works identify safety signs, street posts and roadside areas that might need a little spruce-up.

Eight groups of two volunteers met the almost 100 miles of Big Canoe pavement armed with a map and log sheets to identify and document problem areas.

Yep, we found some! With a heavy coating of pollen dripping off most signs and electrical boxes these days, it was sometimes difficult to determine what was long-term vs. short-term growth, so everything suspicious was duly noted. Public Works will be quite busy for some time.

In the June edition of Smoke Signals in the Inside the Gates section, ride along with Corey Olney and Alice Eachus as they met their thrills on so many wild and crazy Big Canoe hills.

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