Rules for enjoying Lake Petit

By Tom Durban

The POA and the Lakes and Marina Committee have worked over the years to create rules so Lake Petit can be enjoyed by guests and property owners, including those living on the lakefront. These rules are designed for safety and to maintain the character of Lake Petit while allowing everyone to enjoy the beauty of the lake.

Swimming: In 2014, the POA established a swim area on Lake Petit that allowed property owners and guests to enjoy the lake while respecting the lakefront property owners. Please observe the designated swimming area, which is roughly between the dam and Eagle Island, so we can continue to swim in Lake Petit. Swimming in Lake Petit is only allowed from a boat or watercraft; you cannot enter from the shoreline.
Watercraft: All personal watercraft used in Big Canoe are required to have a BC sticker. Also, all watercraft must be Coast Guard-approved unless tethered to another craft that is also capable of supporting individuals on the tethered watercraft.
Fishing: A Big Canoe fishing permit is required to fish on any Big Canoe lake. The permit can be obtained from the Marina anytime from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. There is a limit of four trout per day and only two fishing poles per person. We ask you don’t return the trout to the lake after being caught; These trout rarely survive. Fish fact: Did you know more than 12,000 pounds of trout are added to the lake each year and our local eagles eat about 900 pounds annually?
Eagle Island: To protect the habitat of the two nesting American bald eagles, no one is allowed on Eagle Island. Please respect the symbol of America that graces Big Canoe.

Enjoyment at the Marina
The outdoor tables and the veranda porch at the Marina are open for your enjoyment. Feel free to enjoy the sunshine or gather with your friends. The Marina has coffee, water, soda, beer and wine for sale, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. We welcome your visit and are happy to show you the changes to the Marina over the past six months. Info:(706) 268-3303.

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