Santa ruled the waves on Lake Petit

Photos by Karen Steinberg

Ahoy, mates! Word was out Santa was coming to town and would be riding the ripples of Lake Petit to greet the most wonderful time of the year. In early December, a flotilla of watercraft bobbed in the water as Big Canoers captained their crafts to light up the lake. Those who worried it might be too cold and blustery were delightfully surprised when Mother Nature gave her blessing to skirt any unexpected winter surprises. 

Boats were decorated with colorful lights and props to bring cheer to all who enjoyed the spectacle, whether riding the lake waves or watching from the shoreline snuggled in blankets. Homeowners around the lake added to the merriment with their own lights and decorations.

The Christmas boat parade has the look of becoming an annual holiday flotilla cruising Lake Petit and we all hope the waves will welcome Santa next year. And a good time was had by all!

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