Scavenging the trails of Meditation Park

Submitted by Liv Taylor

Remember when you were a kid and the favorite birthday party game was a neighborhood scavenger hunt? Teams of kids rushed from house to house collecting yellow sponges, blue marbles, balls of peach-colored yarn and dozens of other odd objects to win the coveted prize—usually a pack of Old Maid playing cards.
A few creative Big Canoe residents led by Liv Taylor came together and formed a group called the Big Canoe Scavenger Hunt. They challenged residents to form teams, locate point-valued places and items on the hunt list, take a photo of a team member standing next to the found item, post the photos on Facebook and then wait to see if their team was the big winner. All this took place at Meditation Park in early January.
Dozens took part in the exciting search and when the trails cleared, there was a five-way tie; The Three Bears, Team Peterson, Team Nuthatch, Trail Stalkers and Trail Seekers were all winners. Since there was only one bottle of wine as the prize, the five team names were put in a hat, and the winner was picked. The Trail Stalkers team of Randy and June Lewis took home the vino and bragging rights galore.
Will it happen again? It was so much fun, why not? Submitted by Liv Taylor

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