Seasonal tips from the Architectural and Environmental Control Department

By Treena Parish

AECD Department Manager

It is that time of year again! Everyone seems to have holiday decorating on their minds.  While it can be fun to add the spooky scarecrows and big spiders to the front yard, please understand these types of decorations are not in accordance with the Architectural Control Standards. Below is an excerpt from the Standards regarding holiday decorations.

Holiday decorations

Holiday Decorations or seasonal decorations shall consist of live natural materials or artificial materials with a natural appearance. Decorative accessories and trimmings (including holiday and seasonal decorations) intended for the enjoyment of the Property Owners shall be positioned so as not to offend the community or the immediate neighbors. All seasonal outdoor decorations are allowed for the applicable holiday period and must be removed within two weeks after the holiday.

 Finishing Projects

All additions, repairs, and remodels are required to be painted to match the existing structure, including retaining walls and landscape timbers.  With the leaves getting ready to fall, these unpainted renovations can become quite visible. It is understood that some additions/repairs require time to “dry out” prior to painting but some of these projects have had sufficient time. Please make the necessary arrangements before the weather gets too color for painting.

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