SYAH prances around the Maypole

By Alice Eachus
Photos by Sherry Evans and Dee Johnson

It was a glorious start to the merry month of May as the ladies of Still Young at Heart (SYAH) danced around the Maypole in wild abandon. The site of the spring festival was the Activity Field at Wildcat.

Some whispered the SYAH pole might have been the rebirth of a springtime Charlie Brown Christmas tree, but no matter, there was fun to be had.

Prancing around the pole, which some designated pole dancing of the innocent sort, soon gave way to Western line dancing as Susan Rolader and Karen Waters lined up the ladies for a lesson or two.

There was food aplenty and wine flowed as though poured by Bacchus himself. Garlands of flowers adorned pretty heads as the ladies got into the spirit of the night.

The Maypole party was the first time in many moons SYAH gathered as a group but won’t be the last. The year-long missed comradery quickly gave way to freshened friendships born of fun and festivity.

If you’re a Big Canoe lady and would like to join this gang of gals, visit the Still Young at Heart Facebook page or contact Sherry Evans at to get on the rollicking roster.

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